Law & Justice in the Afterlife


None of us knows what rules or law will be applied to us and others in any afterlife, just as none of us knows what part of our skills and knowledge might be at all useful to us there. How then should we imagine or comprehend what might be the applicable rules after our death and our reawakening thereafter, wherever that may be?


Let’s look first at children who have died, and by children I mean those 15 or so and younger. Most everyone I’ve ever talked to about this believes that kids get a free pass—they wake up in the afterlife as kids, with a clean record, and are given a chance to mature. So that’s the first law that I imagine being applied after we die. But what about kids who have, say, committed murder here on Earth?  Since the celestial authorities will have a complete set of both the facts and motivations to review, how could they not come to a fair assessment, which many people believe would be guided by mercy and forgiveness? It might only be in those rare cases when the child literally cannot be rehabilitated, even there, that something less than a free pass is given.

This takes me to what I assume is a second fundamental afterlife law—if you both can and want to be rehabilitated, you get at least one fair chance to continue there in some fashion. Yes, I believe that anyone even marginally salvageable gets a second chance, if they want it.

My third assumption about the afterlife legal system is that how we died, even if by suicide, is irrelevant. If one believes that the celestial authorities get to review absolutely everything about our lives and motives, then surely how we died is completely unimportant to that analysis.


Next, given that we have been resurrected, is time going to matter (or even exist) for us? My theory is that we will be given as much time to do things there as we need, but we will never be allowed to procrastinate. Hey, if you’re serious about being in rehab, then do it! If you’re not, then surely putting things off is pointless. I also suggest that time will continue to exist for us, at least up to the instant of someone becoming a perfected being in the afterlife. Once you are perfect, the question of time must change. Nothing more to be learned that requires time! As always, I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts and ideas about any of this.


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