Are we destined to be put on trial in the afterlife?


In OTMA 82—The First Day: Trial and Resurrection, the resurrected teacher, George Harvey, is put on trial on his first day in the afterlife. Most of us have some theory of how we and others may be held to account in the afterlife for our mistakes while we were alive on Earth, and in my novel, I put my own theory into words.


What would be the point of being put on trial after death? In my view, there are a number of good reasons to suppose that some sort of trial of each of us takes place there. Each of us has to come to terms with the worst thing we have ever done to another human being, our lowest point in our adult lives, whatever that may have been. Even if such awful behavior took place decades earlier, it makes sense to me to have our resurrected conscious selves have to deal with it.

Most of us are in favour of forgiveness, but most of us have a hard time either offering to forgive others or accepting forgiveness from others. I believe that an afterlife trial, focusing us on exactly that lowest point of our adult lives, is one of the best ways to put into the past once and for all, not just that one human mistake, but all of our mistakes. That worst mistake will subsume within it all of our other errors, and there will be no need to go over any others. A trial will also allow the celestial powers to reveal to us our real motives, what led us to screw up.

Since we will be told when we are tried that this was indeed our low point, we will realize that this is the minimum level of forgiveness necessary for us to receive and to give to others for everything. From the moment of such a realization, forgiveness is bound to become an incredibly positive behavior, a liberating exercise of the human spirit.


Are all people going to be let off the hook in this forgiving afterlife? I doubt it, and expect that some put on trial will not be allowed to continue on in the afterlife, that there will be no value in doing so.  It will be up to the celestial powers to judge this in a truly objective way that we can’t imagine from our lives on Earth. There will be justice, more so there than down here on Earth.

I would be delighted if you were to share your own theory with me—I don’t claim any personal or inside knowledge about these things!


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