How the question of time is treated in OTMA 82—The First Day: Trial and Resurrection


Have you ever considered how time will be experienced in life after death and whether it will be much different than time as we know it in our Earthly lives? For starters, when we wake up in the afterlife, we won’t know exactly how much Earthly time has passed since our demise. We won’t have any idea, initially, how time is either to be reckoned or to be experienced, and how different it might be than on Earth.

For my novel I started with some ideas that made sense to me. The first is that the very early stages of awakening in the afterlife will be characterized by our own confusion. Secondly, once the reality of having survived death sinks in, we will start to perceive and experience time differently. Thirdly, I assumed that one day in the afterlife is likely going to correspond to much more than one day on Earth. There is no logical reason to assume that it would be the same, and I found it hard to see any value in having one day there equal much less than one day here. Human beings are totally used to the concept of a day—morning,  noon and night—and I believe that the celestial powers will use that familiarity to start us off with a time setting or framework that makes some sense to us—a “day”, but on another world.

Image result for twilight zone clock

Will days there seem long? Especially on the first day when we will be grappling with so many things at once, I believe that time will seem to rocket along. Beyond that, I include a few clues in the novel as to how time becomes different for us, and generally invite readers to start drawing their own conclusions. Will we ever be able to put things off there—to procrastinate? I strongly doubt it. All activities and actions there must be directed towards our spiritual progress. By all means let me know if you think otherwise!




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