Why the characters in OTMA 82—The First Day: Trial and Resurrection have new bodies and new brains


Have you ever wondered how, assuming you believe in life after death, we will not only know who we are when we wake up, but remember all kinds of things about our Earthly existence? For my novel, I discarded any literal notion of our Earthly bodies somehow being reassembled—if the celestial powers that resurrect us have the science to transport our personality and everything unique about us to another part of the universe, then they surely have the science to provide us with new functioning bodies and brains. Moreover, our bodies are composed of mainly perishable materials, and what would be the point of trying to transport such materials across space?

The second part, the science to transport our personality and everything unique about us to another part of the universe with complete accuracy, is much more difficult to work out and imagine. It seems to me there are three different elements to each of us that have to be accounted for and transported. The first is our personality with all of its unique features and aspects. The second is our memory of our Earthly life and the things that were important enough to lodge in memory while we were here. The third is our consciousness—what do I mean by that? It is a reflection of our overall progress, and another way of thinking about this is to say that consciousness is equivalent to our spiritual progress at any given moment.

Our consciousness here on Earth is already very difficult for any of us to define, let alone measure or analyze in any logical or scientific way. Consciousness is a moving target, in that your consciousness a year ago is different than it is this second, and will be different years from now, etc. We can progress backwards in life, not just forward. And, we cannot possibly be objective about our own level of consciousness or spiritual progress or try to judge what it might be for others. For my novel, I assumed that our consciousness at the instant of (brain) death is the consciousness that is “saved to disk” by the celestial powers, and then transported and copied over into the matrices of our new brain when we are resurrected.


To continue the analogy to today’s computers, I think of our unique personality as the operating system for our brains, and it, too, can be saved and copied from our current brain when we die to our new brain in the afterlife. Like computer memory, I believe that human memory can be stored, copied and reproduced—we just don’t have any science to even suggest how that might be possible. But think it through—if we remember who we are when we awaken in the afterlife, then there had to have been copies of everything, well everything important, made and transported over to the transition world we awaken on, of our personality, memory and consciousness.

Our new bodies must be capable enough and sturdy enough to allow us to participate in activities on the transition world.  I also believe that we get an upgrade from our very basic cell phone-brain here on Earth to an amazingly capable smart phone-brain on the transition worlds.  If the overarching goal of a transitional existence is spiritual progress, the celestial powers will certainly not want us to go backwards in any sense whatsoever!


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