Introduction to “OTMA 82 -The First Day”

Introduction to “OTMA 82 -The First Day”

How would you react to the sudden realization of where death might actually lead? At fifty-nine, George Harvey, a retired teacher, makes just this discovery-and his life changes in ways he could never have imagined. George finds himself propelled on a headlong journey to another world, where he searches for the truth. Though they are strangers at first, George joins forces with a single mother and two young men, each seeking their own truth. With no easy answers, George, Luba, Philip, and Alyosha experience what seems impossible. Now they must decide if what they have learned is not just real-but inevitable. Each answer inspires more questions, and these four apparent survivors of death must now decide for themselves: When does life really end? Can broken lives ever be reconnected and restored? How dangerous are our beliefs and our faith? Are we destined to be put on trial at some time and place in the cosmos? Can our darkest fears ever be overcome or our most cherished dreams realized? Is there only one path after death? What does time really mean? Their search for truth challenges everything they once believed about life, death-and what may follow.


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